Ae Fond Kiss

YEAR 2005
PRODUCER BY Sixteen Films (KISS) LTD, EMC Asset Management GMBH, Film Stock Investment, S.A., Bianca Film S.R.L
STARRING  Atta Yakub, Eva Birthstle, Ahmed Riaz, Shamshad Akhtar, Shabana Bakhsh, Ghizala Avan 
MUSIC BY George Fenton 

Casim is a young Scotsman of Pakistani origin. He is a good DJ and passionate about music. He dreams of opening his own club with his best friend Hammid. Hisparents Tariq and Sadia, devout Muslims, have decided to marry Casim to his cousin Jasmine. The wedding must take place within a few months. When Casim and Roisin, a girl he gives music classes to, meet they are strongly attracted toeach other and start a relationship in secret. It’s no problem for them that heis a Muslim and she’s a Catholic but very soon they realize that the cultura land religious differences are very important for other people and especially for Casim’s family.

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